Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Multimedia Storytelling: Spring New Media Lecture Series

Multimedia Storytelling

San Jose Murcury News - Richard Koci Hernandez

12:31: Audio Viewmaster from childhood = multimedia. story with sound.

It's about the story. The technology, etc. is not important.

Frontline: Jeff Jarvis clip.

"My Camera Bag" - no more still camera. HD Video.

history of mercurynewsphoto.com

used to be lots of photos in the paper. then papers got slimmer, smaller. no room for photos. nyt, washingtonpost were visual leaders in term of multimedia a few years ago.

Knight said no. multimedia not part of the gameplan.


didn't know any html or flash anything. decided to do a mockup. hoarded fast computers for a while. on their own time. built a mockup from scratch.
no one wanted to put it up.
bought a domain name, paid for out of photo budget.

realized that they could track what people were looking at.

started being linked to from the main site.

100K unique visitors p month.

still paying a separate bill for hosting.

2 people in 'multimedia department'

find one thing you really like. focus all your attention on that piece. practice that.

HD frame grabs are important. running these on the front page.

Why Video?

one tool. many platforms. HD Video.

no one asks what kind of computer a story was written on. You're moved by the content. Same thing with this stuff.

"we are still storytellers"

mppa awards were not solely awarded based on the pictures. but on the entirety of the story.

"take your own approach, invent. we have an opportunity to change the rules."

(good advice. reporterist is doing just that)

traditionally the 'online department' were technies and not journalists. but they don't know how to tell a story.

just as photographers are learning to be better reporters, reporters are learning about photography. it's no longer us vs. them.

"good audio narrative is the foundation of great multimedia journalism"

Q: can you get good audio with the video camera
A: Audio equipment is expensive and you get what you pay for. $500 mic. Seinnheiser ME66. (not like cameras). Never rely on the camera's builtin audio mic.


soundslides (nyt,ap use it)
book: in the blink of an eye, walter murch
book: the laws of simplicity, maeda


powershot s3
sony hvr aiu
olympus ds2
edirol r09 (don't get the black one - it has problems) - digital audio recorder.
sennheiser me66 - zoom lens for audio.
fission: $32 ; better than audacity
visualhub: $23 (video conversion)

record at highest mp3 quality.
truth of the matter: most people listen to it on a pc speaker.

used to throw it into quicktime.
now use flash. (most people have flash)

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